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DIY Patio Cover Kits Canada
Okanagan Patio Covers

What to Measure A DIY Patio Cover

Summary To kickstart your DIY patio cover project, crucial measurements include the area’s width and length, height from ground to eaves, eaves overhang, and consideration

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black and white aluminum patio cover installation in the okanagan
aluminum patio covers

The Complete Guide to Patio Roofs

Key Takeaways Takeaway Description Design Harmony Your patio roof should complement your home’s existing architecture and style. Material Choices Aluminum patio roofs offer durability, low

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man walking under a patio cover in the okanagan
Okanagan Patio Covers

Can You Walk on Aluminum Patio Covers?

Summary Table: Key Points Description Feasibility Yes, with conditions. Definitely not recommended. Material Strength Lightweight yet robust Insulated Covers Strong and walkable Manufacturer’s Recommendations Caution

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