Wood vs. Aluminum Patio Covers: Okanagan Costs

FeatureWood Patio CoversAluminum Patio Covers
Initial Cost– Generally lower material cost– Higher initial material cost
Installation Cost– Potentially higher due to labor– Often lower due to easier installation
Maintenance Cost– Higher long-term maintenance– Low maintenance needs
Durability– Susceptible to weathering and pests– Resistant to corrosion and decay
Aesthetic Appeal– Natural, traditional look– Modern, versatile design options
Longevity– Can be less durable in harsh climates– Typically longer lifespan
Environmental Impact– Requires regular treatments– Eco-friendly, minimal treatments

In the picturesque Okanagan region, patio covers are more than just a home addition; they’re a lifestyle enhancement. As homeowners weigh their options, the choice between wood and aluminum patio covers is often a matter of cost. This article compares the prices and key considerations of wood and aluminum patio covers in this beautiful part of Canada.

Recent Cost Trends of Wood and Aluminum

Recent pricing data for lumber in British Columbia indicates that SPF 2×4 is priced at $414 per 1000 board feet as of mid-December 2023. On the other hand, aluminum costs stand at $1.33 per pound, with aluminum alloy slightly lower at $1.07 per pound. These figures lay the groundwork for understanding the basic material costs involved in patio cover construction.

Wood Patio Covers: Costs and Considerations

Wood patio covers are renowned for their natural beauty and traditional appeal. In the Okanagan, the cost of a wood patio cover includes not just the price of the lumber but also installation and ongoing maintenance expenses. Wood, while aesthetically pleasing, requires regular treatments to protect against weather elements and may have higher long-term maintenance costs due to susceptibility to rot and pests.

Aluminum Patio Covers: Costs and Considerations

Aluminum patio covers, known for their durability and minimal maintenance, present a different cost profile. Although the initial material cost may be higher compared to wood, aluminum covers often end up being more cost-effective over time due to their low maintenance needs. They’re resistant to weathering, decay, and pests, making them a practical choice for the Okanagan’s varied climate. Discover more about Aluminum Patio Covers.

Installation and Long-Term Maintenance Costs

Comparing installation costs, aluminum patio covers can be more straightforward and quicker to install than wood, potentially lowering labor costs. In terms of long-term expenses, aluminum’s minimal maintenance requirements can lead to significant savings over the years, as opposed to wood, which may require periodic treatments, staining, or repairs.

Evaluating Durability and Longevity

In the Okanagan’s climate, the longevity of the patio cover material is a crucial factor. While wood offers a classic look, it may not withstand the elements as robustly as aluminum, which is known for its resistance to corrosion and fading. The durability of aluminum often translates to a longer lifespan with less upkeep. Learn about the Benefits of an Aluminum Patio Cover.


The choice between wood and aluminum for your patio cover in the Okanagan region depends on several factors, including upfront costs, maintenance expenses, durability, and aesthetic preferences. While wood offers a timeless appeal, aluminum stands out for its durability and low maintenance, often making it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

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