Can You Walk on Aluminum Patio Covers?

Summary Table:

Key PointsDescription
FeasibilityYes, with conditions. Definitely not recommended.
Material StrengthLightweight yet robust
Insulated CoversStrong and walkable
Manufacturer’s RecommendationsCaution advised
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Aluminum patio covers are a popular choice among homeowners looking to protect their outdoor spaces from the elements. Their durability, aesthetics, and minimal maintenance needs make them a desirable option. A common question that arises is, “Can you walk on aluminum patio covers?” The answer is yes, but with certain conditions.


The feasibility of walking on aluminum patio covers largely depends on their construction. Some covers are built with a flat plywood base beneath the aluminum, providing the necessary support to bear a person’s weight. However, those without this support, especially covers with only ribbed panels over rafters, should not be tread upon.

Material Strength

Aluminum is a lightweight yet robust material. Its strength allows for long-term use, but it’s not indestructible. Excessive weight or pressure can lead to damage, so caution is advised when walking on these covers.

Insulated Covers

Insulated aluminum patio covers offer a thicker roof made from a highly insulated material sandwiched between top-quality aluminum alloy panels. This construction makes them strong enough to walk on and provides easy access for installing additional features like ceiling fans or light fixtures.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Manufacturers generally advise against walking on aluminum patio covers. For instance, Alumawood strongly discourages walking on their covers as per their literature. Their lattice patio cover is too flimsy, and their non-insulated patio cover is also very thin, making them unsuitable to walk on. However, their insulated patio cover is robust, and despite their advice, some individuals do walk on them. Alumawood Factory Direct mentions that walking on an Alumawood patio cover is possible but recommends using a thin piece of plywood to distribute the weight evenly. It’s crucial to heed the manufacturer’s advice to prevent damage to the cover or risk injury.

Summary Warning

While it may be tempting to venture onto your aluminum patio cover for maintenance or other purposes, it’s crucial to exercise caution. The general consensus among manufacturers like Alumawood is against walking on these covers to avoid potential damage or personal injury. If it’s necessary to access the cover, it’s advisable to use a piece of plywood to distribute your weight evenly. It’s always best to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations to ensure the longevity of your patio cover and, most importantly, your safety.

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